Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Michael Rene is driven towards innovation, inner discovery, and creative synthesis. 

Inspired by multi-instrumentalists and producers including Nicholas Payton, Jacob Collier, and Quincy Jones, Michael explores a wide range of musical realms with creative daring and focus. His breadth musical and academic interests work together to sculpt a musical dialectic simultaneously informed by traditional creative practice and forward-reaching possibilities.

He first studied jazz trumpet and began studying other forms of musical expression – including piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, synthesis, cello, EWI, audio recording, mixing, and mastering – after a serious performance injury early in his trumpet playing career. Years of persistence and several pivotal meetings with notable musicians including Vijay Iyer, Steve Coleman, Ingrid Jensen, Nicholas Payton, Dave Monette, Terence Blanchard, Charles Schlueter, Scotty Barnhart, and most recently Quincy Jones enabled Michael to return to full capacity as a trumpet player after twelve years with a greater appreciation and understanding of the many dimensions of the creative process and renewed determination.

Michael built a studio for music production (Michael Rene Productions) after meeting Quincy in 2017 in order to more fully realize his interests in multi-instrumental practice, music composition, and high end audio production. 

He is now working on his first full-length album and a virtual concert series as a multi-instrumentalist and aspires to share this music with appreciators of the art.